About Daniella

Daniella was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up in “Joburg” Daniella had very little exposure to international fashion runways and household brands, but always found herself immersed in fashion magazines. She was first introduced to overseas luxury shoe brands on a family vacation to NYC at the age of 13. That trip ignited her love affair and obsession with exquisitely crafted footwear.

For Daniella, shoes are more than a fashion staple, they are what physically ground us and influence how we move throughout our day. “My designs are a celebration of femininity and its majestic power. I strive to encourage women to feel comfortable and confident through functional footwear that can support all their passions and endeavors.”

Daniella has worked in fashion for the past 7 years at retailers like rag&bone, Shopbop, and ShopStyle. It was the reality of keeping up with a demanding work schedule that finally led Daniella to launch her eponymous line. Daniella noticed that she, as well as the women around her, were busier and more mobile than ever, yet their footwear was falling short. Feeling stylish meant having to suffer in uncomfortable and extravagantly thin heels. It was difficult to find a quality shoe brand at a reasonable price point that could also provide all day wear from office meetings to dinner.

Daniella’s love for footwear and need for function led her to develop a brand that strives to support, enrich, and elevate the lives of ambitious women. Growing up with an interior designer for a mother, childhood conversations were often geared towards the significance of textures, color, and fabrics in holistic design. Continuing in her mother’s footsteps, Daniella parlays this instinctual knowledge and love for creating beautiful things hand-in-hand with an unflinching dedication to comfort and versatility.


We are founded on the philosophy that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice luxury for functionality.

We know the modern woman’s world is constantly evolving. We know this because we are the modern woman. We are built and run by modern women.
We’ve walked the distance in those too-good-to-be-true shoes that pinch at our toes; the ones that we can’t wait to kick off our swollen feet after a long
day or night out. From commuting to the office and multitasking between emails and meetings, to making it to drinks with friends during rush hour,
contemporary women require shoes that don’t just stop at style. It’s our goal to bridge the gap between high fashion luxury and everyday functional comfort.
Let us tell you more.


Luxury that’s practical.

Our bespoke shoes are handcrafted by artisans located in eastern Italy, home to some of the most prestigious shoe factories in the world. Our designs are unique because we approach everything from the lens of functional luxury and invest in custom constructions that meet our high standards of design and fit, making them truly one of a kind.

Created with intention: we prioritize quality and comfort.

We don’t believe in fast fashion. We want every pair to feel like an investment piece that you aren’t afraid to wear day after day, season after season. All of our shoes are made by hand and in limited quantities. We also provide detailed fit and sizing notes for every pair on our website.

Our materials are carefully sourced to ensure the best quality and that your shoes are built to last. Our soles are made entirely of Italian leather which provide a soft yet durable feel. Each shoe is lined with high quality lamb leather, a far superior leather compared to alternative linings more commonly used in footwear. This type of leather allows your feet to breathe more naturally and provides lightweight and supple comfort as it uniquely molds to your foot.

Our dedication to comfort is actualized in our insoles covered in memory foam to provide extra cushion. All shoe buckles and accessories are made from non-allergic metal, which is especially beneficial if you have sensitive skin.

You may notice that our signature designs utilize more spacious shapes around your toes, whether round or square in design, ensuring your toes can lie flat and aren’t squished or cramped. Our heels are designed to be thicker for a more stable base as you walk, sourced from the most technologically advanced heel factories in the world.

Direct to you, without the traditional markup.

In striving to close the gap, we also circumvent the traditional wholesale-to-retail storefront chain and instead choose only to sell directly to you, our clients, through our website. This enables us to offer superior quality at an exceedingly affordable price point for luxury shoes by as much as 50% less than traditional retail prices.

We provide you with the essentials: heels, boots, flats, loafers, sandals and sneakers to accompany you on your journey from day-to-night, weekday to weekend.

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