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Upcycling your old pairs & a $50 credit

The shoe disposal process causes significant pollution, and as a footwear industry, we must find better ways to repurpose shoes and/or materials.

There are multiple ways to recycle your shoes and one of our favorite non-profit organizations is Soles4Souls who help to prevent pairs overfilling landfills, providing shoes to those in need and creating jobs through the resale of used pairs.

In an effort to help encourage the upcycling of your shoes and reducing waste in our landfills we offer a $50 credit for every 5 pairs that you donate to Soles4Souls.


For every $250 donated to Soles4Souls we will match with a $50 credit toward a purchase of our shoes.

How to get your $50 credit

Help save our planet

For shoe donations got to: There are various drop off locations or they can be mailed in for free.

For donating funds please go to this link: Please send us the donation receipt once submitted.
One $50 credit per order allowed.

For mailing in shoes please take a picture of the shipping label and email us the image to with the subject line: Soles4Souls donation.
If dropping off at a location, please send us the email communication you have with that area district personnel so we can confirm with them and then we will issue the $50 credit to you to use towards your next purchase.

Donations are tax deductible.
Please make sure to list DANIELLA SHEVEL on your donor form to get the credit.

Get your $50 credit:

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