How To Never Get Blisters Again #DSShoeStruggles

How To Never Get Blisters Again #DSShoeStruggles

How to not get blisters


I think it’s an old philosopher's saying that all your problems can be solved by new shoes. No? That wasn’t the great Carrie Bradshaw? Well, it’s the truth. In fact, the only thing that can go wrong after slipping on a new pair of shoes is blisters. Here are four ways to never get blisters again.


Choose the right fit

Wearing a pair of shoes that are too narrow, too wide or just not sitting comfortably in certain areas is asking for blisters. Ill-fitting shoes won’t move with your feet and cause friction against your skin, which leads to blisters. 

Most of us know our shoe size — it’s really the width where things can get tricky. Luckily, most online retailers have size guides where you can see how your shoe size matches up with width or find out if a certain style runs narrow, wide or standard.

Side note: make sure to check our fit notes to see more details on the fit for each of our styles to find out if any run narrow or wide. 

As a general rule across the shoe industry the average width is called B, narrow is called AA and a wide fit will have a C/D.


Break them in

As tempting as it is to immediately wear new shoes, you really should break them in at home first. Try wearing them around the house for a couple of hours to make sure that they are comfortable enough to make it through a day in the life. Very important when you have a 4pm meeting and 6pm happy hour with no time in between to change.


Protect problem areas

After breaking in your shoes at home (we're trusting you took the above advice!), you will discover any problem areas where blisters have the potential to occur. Basically, any part of your foot that rubs against your shoes the wrong way and turns red will most likely become a blister. Put a Band-Aid or some Vaseline over the area to make sure that doesn’t happen next time you wear the shoes.


Wear socks or use powder

Sweaty feet and friction are two major culprits of blisters. You have no excuses not to put on a pair of socks with your shoes, except when wearing sandals. Even for flats! Get a pair of no-show liners and your blister days will be over.

Another good way to avoid getting sticky and sweaty feet is to put a little powder on your feet before putting on your shoes. This helps keep them dry and makes it easy to slide your shoes on and off.

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