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10 Beliefs About Women’s Shoes That Are So TRUE

10 Beliefs About Women’s Shoes That Are So TRUE

Shoe Struggles

Understanding the shoe needs of busy women and solving their problems is our number one priority. After realizing that there was a gap in the women’s shoe market for attainable, stylish, and functional all-day shoes, we decided to dig deeper and do some market research to find out exactly what was missing.


Below are just a few insights we uncovered during the extensive interviews we conducted with women between the ages of 24 and 42. Can you relate? Let us know in the comments.


1. Describe your daily routine:

 “Pack bag and get ready.

Workout at the gym.


Commute to work.


In the office from 9am-6pm.


Dinner, drinks, or networking.





2. Are there footwear brands you wish you could own? Why?

"No. Luxury footwear brands are old school and don’t fit my style. I don’t like people who wear logos all over to show that they can own something."


3. Describe your dream pair of shoes. Be specific. 

"Comfort, comfort, comfort. I need more comfort because I live in a mobile city and walk everywhere."


4. How does the price of shoes affect your perception of the brand?

"People my age need shoes for $300 or less. It’s important to have an elevated price point if you want an elevated brand, but it has to be attainable."


5. What keeps you from enjoying your shoes more?

"I always have two pairs of shoes at the office–flat boots and heels. It's so frustrating. On Fridays, if I know if I have a less intense schedule, I'll wear a bootie with a heel."


6. What keeps you from enjoying your shoes more?

"My flats get worn out and smelly. They also get discolored and have scuffs. TMI, I know."


7. What are your can’t-live-without apps and why?

"My calendar app helps me manage my life. My Starbucks app helps me execute it."


8. If you were a brand, what would you represent?

"I would represent women's empowerment and free space for women to escape the craziness."


9. Talk about how influencers impact your purchasing decisions.

"While I may not purchase exactly what an influencer is wearing, I'm motivated enough to find something that resembles the head-to-toe look."


10. If you were a brand, who would you be and why?

"I would be the Rolling Stones. They’re the epitome of cutting-edge and rock n’ roll."

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